Your Own Care (YOC) is a South Brisbane based disability care and support service providing bespoke and quality care to those with a disability as well as support to those around them. 

YOC was established in June 2017 under the guidance and entrepreneurial vision of its passionate founder Phoebe Serone who had worked in the disability support industry for 15 years prior. 

Phoebe perceived the need to and the market to be largely absent of bespoke care and support solutions for people with a disability, tailored to their needs, requirements and in extension longer term goals. 

Despite being prevalent prior to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) via the many other sources of Disability Support funding, the NDIS expedited both the prevalence and incidence of genuine disability participants as well as that of a number of exploitative providers that were focused more on profit and volume based services via a generic one fits all approach ahead of personalised care and value based service based offerings. 

To only further compound the incidence of sub par service offerings it is also readily identified that the industries workforce consists of lower skilled employees which research conveys is a result of a transient or largely non permanent work force with a very low incidence of full time employment (12%). 

YOC circumvents the above problems via largely the knowledge and proficiency of its founding director as well as identification of the deficiencies within the industry.

From here YOC has a number of core values and policies that ensure it provides a high quality and bespoke support care service offering. These include: 

  • A compassion over profit philosophy. 

  • A bespoke and tailored care planning process providing activities, resources and support to assist the participant in achieving their long term goals and objectives. 

  • Advanced employee sourcing and screening techniques, extensive induction programs, continued support, attractive remuneration and full time opportunities which ensures that YOC has access to the best employees within the disability support but also other care sectors for appropriate personnel including but not limited to aged care, child care and potentially the nursing sector as and if required. 

YOC gives the individual in care and their families the satisfaction that they are being cared for in accordance with their individual needs giving the participants choice with the care services they want and how they want them delivered.