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About Us

Your Own Care (YOC) is a South Brisbane based disability care and support service, providing quality care and support solutions to people with a disability, as well as support to their immediate support network.

Personalised care and value based support solutions are tailored to participants needs, requirements and in extension for longer term goals. 


YOC’s Organisational core values, are the foundation for the high quality support care services offered. These include: ​

  • Compassion over profit philosophy. ​

  • Bespoke and tailored care planning process providing activities, resources and support to assist the participant in achieving their long term goals and objectives. ​

  • Advanced employee sourcing and screening techniques, extensive induction programs, planned and supported continued professional development, attractive remuneration and flexible employment opportunities including casual, part-time and fulltime.  YOC invests in the future workforce for the Disability Sector through our vocational student prac placement, School Based Traineeships and employing Nursing students in Care Worker roles while they are studying their degree.

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