Disability in Australia


There are currently around 4.4 million Australians who have a disability which is approximately 17% of the nations population.

Disability is defined as the limitation of one or more core activities encompassing communication, mobility, self care and / or education and employment. 

As a proportion of Australia's 25.7 million people:

  • 822,400 individuals had a profound limitation (3.2%)

  • 668,200 individuals had a severe limitation (2.6%)

  • 616,800 individuals had a moderate limitation (2.4%)

  • 1,567,700 individuals had a mild limitation (6.1%)

  • 359,800 individuals had an education or employment restriction (1.4%)

  • 354,100 individuals were regarded as otherwise affected (1.4%. 

Therefore approximately 1.5 million individuals (5.8% of Australia's population) are regarded as either permanently and significantly disabled and / or profoundly and severely disabled.

Australia has one of the highest incidences of severe impairment per capita of any nation in the world including those both developed and undeveloped.

In essence 1 in every 17 individuals has a permanent and severe disability requiring assistance and support with everyday activities that many of us would otherwise take for granted. 

As a government initiative to have people with permanent and severe disability moved out of institutions and into their own homes with loved ones, the government has to date provided approximately $81 billion dollars on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) since its introduction in July 2016 and expects to spend approximately another $110 billion dollars over the upcoming 5 years.


This expenditure represents 1.1% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

The Disability and Support Care industry has been around long before the NDIS's inception with individuals both prior to and still receiving funding for disability support care from a range of other avenues including but not limited to Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance, Compulsory Third Party (CTP motor vehicle) insurance, Workers Compensation insurance and Civil Litigation avenues.

Disability in Queensland:

In regards to geographic area Queensland is above the national mean of 17.7% for disability incidence with 19.1% of its population with a disability or approximately 968,500 individuals.

Of these individuals approximately 330,000 are regarded as permanently and severely disabled requiring disability support care either by family or entrusted disability care.


In QLD there is approximately 87 Disability Support organisations employing the equivalent of approximately 15,745 Disability Support employees.


Of the NDIS employees 43% are employed part time, 41% are employed casually, 4% on fixed contract and only 12% permanently on a full time basis.   


Disability in our Local Area:

Your Own Care operates within the geographic area of Southern Brisbane within an approximate 13.5km radius of the central points of reference of Acacia Ridge / Sunnybank Hills. An area of approximately 570 km2. It takes approximately 30 minutes via motor vehicle to traverse from one side of this area to the other. 

This area is diverse as it is populous containing a local population of approximately 309,000 individuals in which it is estimated 12,050 of these individuals are permanently and severely disabled.